… love what you do and great things will happen. I'm curious. I don’t accept the way things have always been done. I love simple ideas that solve problems and make into culture. I love coming up with them, making them happen, making the best idea happen regardless of who came up with it. Being patient and persistent to convince the right people about them. Finding the perfect timing for them to exist. Even changing the way teams work so they can come to life. I love to, strategically, find ways for them to happen. Some kind of re-engineering of the “no”. A “no” is just a “no” until it becomes a “yes”.

I'm a creative director who preaches for agile teaming, teamwork, collaboration, creative empowerment and silent leadership. Ideas happen because we are not just creatives anymore: we are problem-solvers, we have strong strategic thinking, we are UX and UI masters, design thinkers, we have a producer mindset and, most importantly, we became a crucial part of the relationship with our clients. Yes, we’re many more things than we used to be since we learned how to work faster, smarter and leaner.

Finally, we help brands not only to deliver financial performance but also to make a positive contribution to society. Welcome to the social impact era. I love it and the consumers too. With all these things above, a lot of things have happened to the work, clients, companies I worked for, my teams and myself.

The results arrive:

  • Increasing the sales of Dentyne in 20% in the quarter the campaign gets launched.

  • From taking a stand to women and girls and helping the WNBA to increase, by 38%, the TV ratings and 15% the ticket sales to its CEO and the media challenging president Trump for a better treatment of minorities.

  • From millions to Billions of impressions.

  • Getting 500.000 new social media millennial followers for an aging brand.

  • Talking about something ordinary like factory assembly process in a fun and engaging way can give you more than 5 million views on Youtube and chosen as site of the month and of the day on FWA and Awwwards.

The work makes into culture:

  • Our symbol of hope was chosen as one of the designs of the year, it's in the main lobby and permanent collection of the MoMa, V&A and several other museums around the world, at refugee camps, shown to the US State Department, Justin Trudeau, the mayor of Amsterdam, the city of Barcelona, it was displayed at the Rio Carnival parade, used by brands, and it's becoming a hub that helps refugees on many things, like getting their first job.

  • Our new color font is the official font of the city of Madrid, it has been used by many other cities, brands, communities, and by even Joe Biden at a National Democrat Convention. Now it's becoming a system font on Adobe products.

  • When historical monuments are destroyed by humans and nature our idea gathered people, from all over the world, to rebuild them online and keep the heritage alive. To celebrate it, we threw a big exhibition at the MAD museum, in the heart of NYC.

  • Telling real histories to help millions of people who need the most by spoiling fictional ones.

The company we love working for:

  • Turned into one of the most creatives places in the world for 2 years in a row.

  • Attracted new talent.

  • Avoided losing talent and saved money. It costs a company 3X more to acquire someone new than keeping the talent they already have.

  • Became part of A-list of agencies, for 3 years in row. The first time an multi-cultural agency was together with the big ones on such a prestigious list.  

To me and my team:

  • I got ranked as one of the top 10 Creative Directors of the world and my team members were top 10 ADs and CWs.

  • According to the prestigious Brazilian business magazine Época Negócios, I’m one of the 40 Brazilians who are making the difference around the world.

  • I started teaching at Miami Ad School and as a guest professor at NYU.

  • I got asked to judge several creative festivals like the Webbys, NY Festivals, One Show HAATBP, Lux Awards Ecuador, Prêmio Carcará…

  • I've got invited to several talks, workshops and seminars around the world.

  • From a recent MBA at the Berlin Creative School of Leadership to Hyper Island/Stockholm to Miami Ad School, I will never stop learning new ways of doing great things.

  • I’ve been awarded at the most prestigious festivals in the industry. 10 Grand Prix, more than 85 major awards, 25 lions, including Creative Effectiveness, Grand Prix, Titanium, Golds, Silvers and Bronzes in Cannes, Best of Show and Best of Categories, Gold, Silver and Bronze pencils at the One Show, Yellow and wood Pencils at the D&AD, Grand Prizes and First Prizes at the New York Festivals and Clios, Effies, Caples, Webby’s, El Ojo, FIAP, LIAAs, Echo, DMA, among other awards, together with the prestigious Beazley Design of the year.

Awards 85+ :

  • Cannes LIONS Creative Effectiveness Bronze 2018

  • D&AD Yellow Pencil Branding 2018

  • D&AD Wood Pencil Creativity for Good 2018

  • D&AD Wood Pencil Crafts for Design 2018

  • D&AD Wood Pencil Crafts for Advertising 2018

  • One Show Silver Pencil 2018

  • 4 One Show Merits 2018

  • Clio Awards Bronze 2018

  • 2 Webby Awards Honorees 2018

  • DMA ECHO Gold 2018

  • Caples Awards London Gold 2018

  • El Ojo Iberomerica Grand Prix Mejor idea latina 2018

  • El Ojo Iberomerica Gold Mejor idea latina 2018

  • 30 Cannes LIONS 2017

  • 1 Cannes LIONS Grand Prix for Good 2017

  • 1 Cannes LIONS TITANIUM 2017

  • 7 Cannes LIONS Gold lions 2017

  • 6 Cannes LIONS Silver lions 2017

  • 5 Cannes LIONS Bronze lions 2017

  • 10 Cannes LIONS finalists 2017

  • One Show BEST OF SHOW 2017

  • One Show Best of Category Cross Platform 2017

  • One Show Best of Category Design 2017

  • One Show Gold Pencil Design 2017

  • One Show Gold Pencil Cross Platform 2017

  • D&AD Yellow Pencil Outdoor 2017

  • D&AD Wood Pencil Integrated 2017

  • D&AD Wood Pencil PR 2017

  • NY Festivals 2017 Grand Prize Design

  • NY Festivals 2017 First Prize Design

  • NY Festivals 2017 First Prize PR

  • Webby Awards Social Native Advertising 2017

  • Webby Awards Social Experiential 2017

  • Webby Awards People Choice 2017

  • 4As 2017

  • Colunistas 2017

  • Cannes Lions PR 2016

  • Cannes Lions Social 2016

  • Clio Awards Social 2016

  • NY Festivals Print 2016

  • The Drum 2016

  • Graphis Talent Annual 2016

  • Creativity International 2016

  • Graphis 2016

  • The Global Awards – New York Festivals 2016

  • ADDY Miami 2016

  • Effies 2016

  • FWA - 2015

  • AWWWARDS - 2015

  • Clio Awards 2015

  • Cannes Lions Direct 2013

  • Cannes Lions Media 2013

  • Cannes Lions Direct 2013

  • LIA 2013

  • New Ad Brazil Contest

  • Archive Online Magazine

  • FIAP

Rodrigo Moran

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