Russia's election-meddling tactics are dominating the political news cycle. But we believe it should be dominating the marketing news cycle as well. That's why our group of anonymous, concerned creative professionals, are submitting Project Meddle, "the most impactful advertising campaign of the century," to a number of major advertising award shows.

You can find the entry video here

Project Meddle was created to give Russia's election-meddling techniques the attention they deserve, pointing out that deceptive political advertising and fake news remain a very real threat.

The group is submitting the campaign of century to all advertising awards on Russia’s behalf for two primary reasons:

  1. As advertising professionals who spend our days using these same tools, we are humbled by this campaign’s extensiveness and impact. While we strongly disagree with Russia's objectives, we are also in awe of the campaign and believe it deserves industry recognition.
  2. By spotlighting this campaign on such a prominent industry stage, we hope to spark conversation and new preventative action among the influential tech, media, and creative leaders who attend these award shows.

We are taking action now because deceptive political advertising and fake news remain a very real threat. Giving Project Meddle award circuit recognition is an important step in building a united front against future interference. 

Please see the project here:  

Russia's Election Hack Was Voted Best In Show At One Show but then it was disqualified by the board because of a technicality. Check Ad Week's Article here

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We were part of the One Show Creative summit.

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To kept anonymous, we were hiding while doing the talk. We created an Adobe Character Animator FB avatar that was shown and talking on the screens while we talk, with a disguised voice, backstage.

Here is the panel video:

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Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 10.39.19 PM.png