Personal Projects

1 - Make Them Visible

The best way to make the invisible stories visible? By putting the invisibles to spoil stories that people care about: TV episodes.

Homelessness has reached the highest levels since the Great Depression of the 1930s. In February of 2015, there were more than 100.000 homeless people in New York City. 

The lives of the homeless have been spoiled by unfair stories. Many have no other choice than to live on the streets. At the same time, we are living in a world where people are more impacted by a TV character’s fictional story than the real people who suffer around them. 

How can we tell people that real stories are more important than fictional ones?

By spoiling TV episodes the day after they air. 

The campaign was launched with an emotionally disruptive film, thoughtfully enlightening viewers that the road to homelessness is complex, often devastating, and yet, not void of hope.

A series of "episodes" or real stories of individual suffering from homelessness were posted to MTVF's Facebook page. Each story concluded by urging viewers to invest in a life and change the story.

After every tv show episode, a spoiler was posted on social media by MTV, using the trending # of the show.

2 - Her Oscar

Gender inequality in the film industry

Gender discrimination in Hollywood is a fact, where only 20% of producers, 13% of writers, 4% of directors and 1% of composers are women. Not being a matter of talent or capability, these film professionals still have to deal with less speech time, fewer protagonist roles, the evident pay gaps and scarcer chances to get nominated.

We shifted the most iconic symbol in a male-dominated industry to make a statement and raise awareness about gender inequality. We pre-launched it in 2018 and we’re going full power in 2019.

Watch the case study:

How we did it

We used social platforms to spread the message and make the female statue a symbol for action by asking people to sign a petition that demands the Academy Awards to only nominate films with equal gender representation.

Making of

Designing a female-shaped Oscar statue was a challenge and a very enriching experience.

3 - The Best Music Isn't Generic

campaign for Veron Music/NYC.

Press: Fubiz, Adeeve, Behance, Linwhastic ,, Make Me Feed (UK)...

Press: Fubiz, Adeeve, Behance, Linwhastic ,, Make Me Feed (UK)


4 - Ñ Line


The city of NY is 40% Hispanic but this identity is hardly recognized by the public transportation system. Using a public symbol that is highly recognized by everybody in the city,  Linea Ñ is a social movement that intends to honor the contributions of Hispanics in the US community starting by renaming the N subway line to Ñ  the most iconic letter of the Hispanic alphabet.


We developed a campaign to convince the MTA to switch the N (yellow) line to Ñ from September 15th through October 15th to honor Hispanic Heritage Month. We built a webpage and made some videos to promote the experiment. We also plastered NYC with posters that asked people to vote to support the initiative. We were present at events and also sold tees to raise awareness and funding. 

With a very strong social media strategy, presence in major Hispanic events and guerrilla-style tactics, Línea Ñ has spread like fire, igniting many voices, on and off line. Buzz Feed, Mashable, Huffington Post and several Hispanic blogs shared our experiment.



Huffington Post


LÍNEA Ñ- Initiative to change the name of New York City’s N Subway Line to the Ñ line in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Posters, press releases, Facebook and Twitter pages, and t-shirts were developed to garner supporters. 

NYC - the most multicultural city of the world. 

It doesn't stop there. We'd like the city of NY to embrace all the other cultures so present in its daily crazy life. Coming soon.

5 - A sleeve to remember

An idea to remind people about Alzheimer.